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Tax Manager Tax News Service is a valuable module of our tax processing suite. Used by global professionals and now available separately by annual subscription. It provides double taxation treaty and withholding tax news as it occurs anywhere in the world.

High quality tax reclaim and custody news

The tracking of political change and its impact on investments is an important and time consuming process. The Tax News Service provides advance warnings of many events and political discussions related to securities investments. These events are monitored continuously in the Tax Manager News Bulletins allowing you to be fully prepared when they come into force.

The basis for our Tax News Service is solid and of high quality. Global Equities has established a close working relationship with tax experts and its clients around the world for the pooling of tax information. Moreover we conduct own researches and have direct relationships with many fiscal authorities and other institutions.

As a subscriber you will benefit from this mature network of agents and news providers who have access to the latest tax, treaty and reclaim procedure information. We make sure that all information is proven by its application in tax reclaim and custody operations. We edit carefully the results and then transfer them into the Tax Manager databases along with further summarised texts.

Tax Manager Tax News Service is provided electronically on a monthly basis detailing recent international tax events. The News Flash service provides interim information on important events that might need immediate attention.

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