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Tax Ref

Tax Ref is a Windows® based data source for withholding tax information. Tax Ref provides instant access to high quality withholding tax information in over 100 markets and is proven by its application in multiple tax reclaim, custody and QI processing operations.

It is based on our Tax Manager tax reclaim suite used by global custodians. It is available by annual subscription either as a single-user or multi-user version.

Complete databased information service

Essential to securities processing is the correct application of double taxation treaties to the different legal entities. Tax Ref is a unique and user-friendly source of information providing individual tax treaty details, withholding tax rates and the effective treaty rate for each legal entity. In addition, tax credit, detailed reclaim procedures and reclaimable rates are shown for each market, together with the relevant forms and tax authority details.

The service includes regular database updates delivered electronically.

Information is provided at investor type (legal entity) level, incorporating entities such as pension funds, charities, mutual funds, individuals, corporates, banks, unit trusts, sovereigns and others. It is divided into dividend and interest bearing securities and where applicable, information on further treaty reductions due to large holdings is given. Full text narratives are available to explain the operation of the treaties including statutes of limitations and any country specific taxes.

Tax News Service

Tax Ref is supported by a Tax News Service that includes monthly news bulletins that are supplied electronically and detail recent international tax events. It is contributed to by various tax specialists and professionals as well as by our own research operation.

To ensure that Tax Ref stays current import files are supplied that can automatically update the information database.

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 2000®, XP®, NT®

30 MB of disk/server capacity depending on single or multi user

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