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Agent Bank

Agent Bank is a Windows® based withholding tax and dividend processing system. It incorporates full double taxation treaty databases plus domestic withholding taxes, both with current and historic rates. It is designed primarily for regional and local custodians and is ideal for managing or validating your dividend and refund processing operations.

The system can operate as your main tax processor or work interactively with your host computer to enhance its dividend processing. Special provisions are available for processing mutual fund and partnership income.

Back office functions, such as client documentation, tax refunds, client and fiscal reporting, are all handled by the system.

Special provisions for local agents

Agent Bank enables:

  • Correct tax processing of depot holdings, dividend trades and refunds according to the requirements of double taxation treaties and Fiscal Authorities.

  • Automated production and processing of tax reclaim forms for your direct clients.

  • Efficient processing and checking of incoming tax reclaim forms from clients of your intermediary clients.

Support Includes:

  • Skilled help desk for user operational issues
  • Electronic delivery of tax database updates
  • Regular Tax News Service

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 2000®, XP®, NT®

Database: Microsoft® SQL Server® or Jet®

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