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Reclaim 7000

Reclaim 7000 is a Windows® based application for the complex tasks of producing withholding tax reclaims, relief-at-source claims and client documentation management. This comprehensive Tax Reclaim solution is rich in features to meet changing market conditions and satisfy even niche interests of individual banks.

Reclaim 7000 automates your reclaim process for more than 3000 double taxation treaties. Using a global matrix of treaty information, and by analysing investor and income data, the appropriate tax treatment is determined. Reclaim entitlements are then calculated and the data is automatically transferred to the relevant stored forms. Automated production of cover letters to accompany forms ensures an efficient process.

QI Reporting (Optional Extra)

The optional QI Reporting functionality provides you with the expertise to handle the reporting demands of the US 1441 regulations. It can be used by any institution with an interest in the US market.

By downloading data from your existing system (or manual input) you are able to automate and simplify the production of 1042, 1042S, 1099 and 945 reports plus 8802 residency application forms.

Documentation Management

A built in documentation tracking system ensures exemption and relief-at-source certificates are prepared on a timely basis. These are submitted and tracked as necessary to support an efficient tax reclaim and relief-at-source process. Flexible reporting is provided together with security features plus audit and user activity logs.

The built in form editor lets you create forms and letters in your own corporate design.

Support Includes:

  • Skilled help desk for user operational issues
  • Electronic delivery of tax database updates
  • Regular Tax News Service

Benefit from the knowledge of the world leaders in taxation software!

System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 2000®, XP®, NT®

Database: Microsoft® SQL Server® or Jet®

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