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Withholding Taxes’ are driven by over 100 independently acting national legislations. Nowadays changes occur more than ever before and new rules, rates and statutes are published continuously. In this complex environment it is vital for the securities industry to keep track of these changes without having to invest in costly research solutions.

Over the years we have established close research relationships with Tax Authorities, tax experts and with our Custody Clients worldwide. These relationships, along with traditional research methods, enable us to create databases of pooled consensus withholding tax information, which are unique to the industry.

These close and co-operative relationships have enabled us to develop the range of ‘cutting edge’ products and services that we today display on this site.

Business areas covered by our products are:

  • Withholding Tax Information systems
  • Securities Taxation News Services
  • Withholding Tax Reclaim systems
  • Funds and Partnership reclaims
  • Relief-at-Source processing
  • US IRS QI 1042/1042s and 945/1099 Reporting
  • Client Documentation Management
  • Manufactured Dividend support
  • Contractual Tax processing
  • Dividend tax processing (Local Custody)
  • Reclaim Form processing (Local Custody)
  • Fiscal Reporting of withholdings (Local Custody)

Aside from our normal products we provide additional services such as:

  • Consultancy
  • Programming of special software
  • Integration of system interfaces
  • Tax Reclaim outsourcing services
  • Withholding Tax data supply services
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